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Veteran Accounts - Franz Steinzer

Unteroffizier Franz Steinzer


Franz Steinzer was Born on July 11, 1918 in Vienna, Austria. He entered the Heer on December 1, 1936 into 1./Panzer Rgt 3 and trained as a Panzer driver. He participated in the march into Czechoslovakia and the Polish campaign. He received his first wound on September 2, 1939 in Spytkovice, Poland. He served in the French, Balkans, and Russian Campaigns. He received his second wound on January 5, 1943 in Sytschevka, Russia. During his rest and recuperation, he was transferred to 2./Panzer Rgt. 3and promoted to Unteroffizier on Christmas Day, 1943. he served in the Normandy Campaign and the Ardennes Offensive. He received his third wound on December 22, 1944 in the right shoulder which was severe enough to end his service in the Heer. His earned awards: Panzer Assault in Silver, Silver Wound Badge, and the Eastern Front Medal.

























Unteroffizer Franz Steinzer


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