New pictures added.

Big day for the website. This morning, I added a few new pictures that were found on both and showing markings of 2. Panzer Division, Panzer Regiment 3, and Panzer Regiment 4. Two new 2. Panzer photo albums arrived in the mail as well as 6 loose 2. Panzer related pictures. I was able to scan in all 6 related pictures to the misc pictures section, and created a new original photo album for the first of the two albums entitled 8. Company, Panzer Regiment 3. I was able to scan in over 20 pictures from this album tonight and have over a hundred more to go in that album alone! Thank you to the unit member who sent those to me, you know who you are!

Website is now up to 25 members. Make sure to include information that ties your email address back to your name if you'd like to be registered.

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