Housekeeping and Upcoming Updates

Spent some time tonight going through the website to take care of some much needed housekeeping that included standardizing fonts and buttons as well as correcting some typos. I also spent a good deal of time learning how to better utilize some of the features that Wix now provides, and once added they should make for a much more engaging website.

As you can see in the picture above, we've gotten a new shipment of photo albums in. This time we've got a series of 7 albums from one man with a total of almost 2,200 pictures! This one collection will almost triple the amount of content we have on the site, and in order to display it properly some re-design will be in order. It'll take many months to complete the scanning process, but as the albums are completed they will be placed here for you to see.

I've also found a treasure trove of a website that is from the Russian Archives. Over the past week I have been trolling it for original 2. Panzerdivision content, and I've not been dissapointed. Once I figure out the best way to display that information, it too will be here to see.

Check back often, there is lots of amazing content coming!

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