Der Hauptfeldwebel Spricht!

Gentlemen what a great weekend at Rockford!! 1. Gruppe had almost full turnout, with 2. Gruppe making a decent show. Aufklärungs were there in full turnout as were the Panzerjäger group the Schwere Zug was undermanned but highly motivated.

I think it is safe to say that the high point of the weekend was the new/ old first squad fellows that were there; Sam, Brandon, Bryce, Thomas, Kurt, Josh, Cody and Alex led by Stefan. I saw some highly motivated faces who were more than eager to pitch in and help out which to me is what 2. Panzerdivision has always been about. The trench was worked on consistently, weapons were cleaned and drill was reviewed. The evenings were spent in kamaradschaft singing songs in the spirit of the landser and some laughs as Thomas worked on filling big shoes (Art). We had some lovely poetry reading by Bryce which turned a few heads, including his father Tom Comer. Dan thanks for your hard work on ensuring we were able to celebrate Oktoberfest! Visits were paid to old friends, laughs were shared with new ones.

The battles were the same, although I am concerned that at some point a real accident is going to happen involving a crunchy as Mark Petersdorff calls them. I had heard that the Craig Moorehead E8 Sherman ran up and onto Jon Shoop's M5 Stuart, but aside from some broken parts no one got hurt. I think we are doing well staying off the field and keeping ourselves safe. Thanks for working together to ensure this.

Food was some of the best we have had in a while! A big "Thank You" to Scott Thompson and Wayne Kimmell for your hard work. The schnitzel was legendary as was the bauernfrühstück and the Klöpse and spätzle on Saturday. Also, thank you for feeding a few visitors like Rollin Curtis who was duly impressed and went back for seconds. Outstanding work! The down point was coffee, we do appreciate the hard work that Kenny Granger and Tom Comer for working together to ensure that those of us who partake got a cup. I will own this as I should have thought about it. Does the unit own a large coffee pot that we could use for future events?

The schedule change made things a little disorganized in the am and I apologize for any confusion on my part. Evening formation and inspection saw a lot of buttons cut. Look over yourselves people and present in a soldierly fashion. It sounds like the dance was enjoyed by the young fellows with Michael Rickert busting out some "dank" (there ya go Thomas Erfft) moves and sweeping the ladies off their feet. The next morning arose with some epic banana eating contests in the first squad (If 2nd Panzer says your gay...).

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