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Optional Field Kit

Following is a list of potential additional equipment to be utilized while reenacting.  Items on this page are not required, but are highly suggested once the required items have been obtained.

























Additional kit can make or break an impression. 


Trousers: M37:  Nearly identical to the trousers worn by the Kaiser's troops during the First World War, these were used by the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS during the Second. Aka: "Langehosen" (long trousers). They were issued throughout the War, although the M43 Keilhosen largely superceded them during the latter part of the conflict.


Boots: Reproduction jackboots are currently available, and while not as authentic for a late-war impression as low boots, are acceptable for members who have been a part for the unit for at least two years. Felt boots should be purchased, but may only be worn during events authorized by the field commander.


Smocks: Unit approved Tan-Water only.


Zeltbahn: Reproduction or original.  Zeltbahns should be Splinter A pattern only.  It is a good idea to have a minimum of 2 Zeltbahns.


Miscellaneous Camouflage: Splinter A helmet covers in original material only.  No other camouflage is allowed, save for what is unit approved – specifically: splinter B, SS, or Italian camouflage is not allowed.


Overcoat: Original or replica M36, M40, M42, or M43 (Wachtmantel). Only shoulder board insignia are allowed on the overcoat.


Sweater: V-neck type M36 or roll neck type M42. Knit wool in charcoal gray.Original, West German, or approved period type.


Toque: Knit wool in field gray. Original West German (charcoal gray) or East German (grayish brown only), or approved reproduction.


Gloves: Knit wool in charcoal gray, five-finger or mitten type. These may be original, or approved reproduction.


Scarf: Knit wool in charcoal gray with black stripe at one end. The more modern scarf’s in charcoal gray with the blue stripe at the ends are also approved. Original, West German, or approved reproductions are all acceptable.


A frame Pack and bag: Original or replica. The A frame bag is used for personal implements and attaches to the A-frame.


Rucksack: Original or replica in M31 or M44 models only.


D rings: Original or replica. Black leather with square or D shaped metal ring. D rings are used in hanging of extra gear or a belt-link for the Y-straps. This item is required for the MG34/42 gunner and his assistant.


Flashlight: Original or approved replica. Must be painted in appropriate color (green, black, etc.), No Swiss or Swedish types are approved.


Blanket: Original or approved replica. Blankets should be constructed of heavy wool. Italian WWII blankets or wool blankets from other nations are also acceptable. The blue checked blanket/pillow covers are not required, but look good when in a barracks setting.


Fighting Knife: Exact duplicate in hard rubber with wood grips is allowed. It can be carried in an original scabbard. Original metal knife may also be carried. However the safety rule prohibiting its being removed from its scabbard must be observed. 


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