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Who we are:

Our organization is a historical reenactment group that portrays the 2. Panzer Division of the German Army of World War Two. We are in no way affiliated with any “neo-nazi”, “white power”, or any other such hate group’s thoughts or activities. We will NOT accept the membership of any persons associated with such groups. We are strictly a historical reenactment society, and not any type of para-military or militia group.


We exist to keep alive the uniforms, traditions, and memories of those that fought and died on all sides during the Second World War. We accomplish this through educating and entertaining the public at many events throughout the year. When we set up an authentic WWII German campsite at one of those events, we always draw an enthusiastic crowd. We are proud to maintain a close relationship with the actual veterans of the 2. Panzer Division, as well as many other WWII vets of all nationalities around the country. Seeing the way kids eyes light up when they see their favorite history books come to life right in front of them is proof that we provide an educational experience in an engaging atmosphere.


We chose to represent the 2. Panzer Division because they themselves represented the best German soldiers. They fought on all fronts with great bravery and dash under the most horrific conditions men can endure. They were boys and men from all walks of life, taken from University classrooms and family businesses to fight in a war that nobody wanted. They fought for their country and died with honor. Nazi propaganda was a thin veil over the truth that the men of 2. Panzer Division saw every day – senseless death and destruction. They knew that they would probably never see their families or towns again, but they fought for their kameraden and for their own survival. These were the men of the Second Panzer, and we do everything we can to do their memories justice.












As a member of the 2. Panzer Division (Reenacted), it is your responsibility to study the information contained on this website and to do your utmost to portray the German soldier in the most authentic way possible. Being a member of 2. Panzer Division (Reenacted) is a privilege, so treat it as such by following our rules and regulations. Above all, be safe and enjoy yourself and the kameraderie that goes along with this exciting hobby.

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