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Veteran Accounts - Karl-Heinz Kind

Oberfeldwebel Karl-Heinz Kind


Karl-Heinz Kind served as a Oberfeldwebel in Panzer-Grenadier Ausbildung Abteilung 2, in the 2. Panzerdivision.  Born on 8/21/1916 in Bamberg, Karl-Heinz first entered service on 8/19/1939 in the 2. Kompanie of Infanterie Regiment 33.  On 3/9/1940 Karl-Heinz was first promoted to Obergefreiter.  He was further promoted to Unteroffizer in December of 1940.  On 2/1/1943 he was promoted again to Feldwebel, and his last promotion was on 9/1/1944 to Oberfeldwebel. 


























Karl-Heinz Kind, earlier in the war as an Unteroffizier
















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