OKW Situation Maps: 6/5/44 through 3/21/45


In this section, you will find all of the the OKW "Situation West" maps that are relevant to the location of the 2. Panzer Division from June, 1944 through March, 1945.  All maps are courtesy of Sturmpanzer.com.  


Each file is somewhere between 100mb-200mb.  Once you've downloaded it to your computer, you should be able to open them and zoom in to the desired location and follow from day-to-day as the situation unfolded throughout Summer and Fall of 1944.


The "Situation West" maps were generated by the OKW daily and were used during their briefing sessions.  Unfortunately, not every day is available.  If you have access to any of the missing days maps, please click on "Contact Us" above and let us know.  



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