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Veteran Accounts - Helmut Böse

Obergefreiter Helmut Böse


Helmut Böse served as a Obergefreiter in Schützen Regiment 2, in the 2. Panzerdivision.  Born on 7/2/1915 in Ronneberg, Helmut first entered service on 11/5/1937 in the 4. Kompanie of Infanterie Regiment 33.  On 10/1/1938 Helmut was promoted to Gefreiter.  On 11/1/1939 Helmut was transferred to the 14. Kompanie of Schützen Regiment 2.   Helmut was trained on the K98, MG34, and P08.  He was further promoted to Obergefreiter in April of 1941.  In July of 1941 Helmut was transferred to another company inside of Schützen Regiment 2.  Helmut would remain in this company until he fell on the field of battle on 11/19/1941 somewhere in Russia. 


























Helmut Böse, earlier in the war as an during his service in the RAD
















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