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Basic Field Kit

Following is the basic field equipment carried by the German Soldier. Equipment on the following list is to be acquired in full within one year of joining the 2. Panzer Division (Reenacted).





















Tunic: M43: Scalloped flaps eliminated in favor of straight cut. Army models have a 6-botton front, but otherwise identical to the M42. SS models have a 5-button front and 2 eyelets at each belt hook station instead of 3 like the Army and earlier-war SS tunics.


Service Shirt: This is the gray cotton shirt worn underneath the tunic. These can feature pleated breast pockets, scalloped flaps, shoulder board loops, split cuffs and authentic maker and size marks. These may be original or approved reproductions in cotton or rayon.


Trousers: M43: The field-gray German uniform trousers issued to the Army, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe ground units. In late 1942 or early 1943, these trousers began to replace the M37 trousers used previously. They incorporated a number of improvements learned from 3 years of combat experience. The most notable changes from the earlier trousers were tapered ankles to fit the leggings better, reinforced seat for improved durability, and belt loops.


Suspenders: Standard model German trouser suspenders with either leather or cloth attachment straps. These may be original or approved reproductions.


Hat: M43: Double button version only is approved.  M43 models need to have their pebbled buttons painted green gray. 


Steel Helmet: Purchase an original WWII German helmet. These can be Model M35, M40, or M42, however new recruits should start with a M42 model helmet.  Spanish helmets in the German style are NOT acceptable. Helmet should not have decals, and should be painted with Unit approved “Grey Green” paint. The unit does not discourage members from having additional helmets in specific formats – ‘chicken-wire’, ‘Double-Decal’ or ‘Normandy Camo’ once the required M42 helmet has been purchased.


Gaiters: Purchase original or reproduction gaiters. These can be early war with black leather edging or late war with no edging. These will be worn over the low boots. BGS gaiters are not allowed.


Boots: Purchase reproduction German low boots. These should be black and worn with gaiters. Boots should have the proper compliment of hobnails, heel-irons, and leather laces.


Y straps: Original or replica continental (leather straps). Only the five leg combat "Y" strap with d-rings for suspending the A-frame is authorized for wear by enlisted personal. The three-leg type is authorized for wear by officers only.


Belt: Black leather belt with original metal buckle keeper.Original or heavy quality approved replica. Leather dress belt is required for all unit members for dress occasions.  Tropical belts are approved for field use. 


Buckle: Standard issue steel or aluminum buckles. These should be reproductions or originals in bare metal or painted in green/gray. This should have the Heer “Got mit Uns” on it.


98 Pouches (2): Original or reproduction, black leather three section pouches with sewn or riveted straps. There are many manufacturing variations, so be certain that the pair you get is a matched set. You will also need at least twelve stripper clips to hold the sixty rounds of ammo that fit ten to a compartment. 


Entrenching Tool & Carrier: Original, Dutch folding type, or Dutch or Swiss spade type. The metal section of the E-Tool is to be painted Semi-gloss black or charcoal gray with the wood section to be left unpainted.


Bayonet: Original German issue (No substitutions) K98 bayonets with scabbard with either wood or Bakelite grips.


Bayonet Frog: The two types approved for wear are: standard or cavalry type (with retaining strap) in black leather.


Bread Bag: Grey/Green, Khaki canvas with continental leather straps on flap, original or approved replica.


Mess Kit: Original or postwar Bundeswehr exact WWII copies only in steel or aluminum. These must be the short height lid version only. The inner tray tin is not to be used if the Bundeswehr type is chosen. The mess kit should be painted in gray/green. The mess kit must also have the correct strap in leather or web (original or replica). Original or quality reproduction utensils in four or two-piece type are to be used with this item.


Canteen: Original or postwar Bundeswehr exact WWII copies with leather straps. Cover in wool/felt, metal cups painted unit approved gray/green or black, the black plastic cup is also authorized in place of metal cups. Late war tropical Bakelite/pressed wood canteens are also approved.


Gas Mask Canister: Original or reproduction gas mask canister.  Should be painted in green/gray.


Gas Cape Bag: Original rubberized or linen are required.

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