May - 

Issue 119 (2/1990)


The Balkan Campaign has ended - In Russia it has already began!


Inside the newsletter are excerpts from the divisional diary: Russia reminds you!


June 1941: The transport back has begun.  In the port of Petras (Greece) Panzer 1 and 2 tanks from the 3./PzPiBtl 38 are loaded aboard.

August - 

Issue 120 (3/1990)


Battalion Formation of Panzer Battalion 245 at the Rottal Barracks.

Transferring the tradition of the 2nd Panzer Division


Left: Transfer of the traditions to the best of the year Su Brotschelm (at left) from Cheif von Carlowitz

Left Below: The delegation of the camaraderie from the 2nd Panzer Divsion.

Right Below: Headquarters of the Panzer Battalion 243

February - 

Issue 118 (1/1990)


Our traditions organization in the auditorium of the armored school in Munster.


Memorial Day 1989, the participants of our organization meet in the auditorium.

From Left: Schwenecke, Knapp, Körner, Rübsam, Becker, Pietsch, Heinlein, Bachmann, and Auditorium officer Oberleutnant Meyer.

1990 - 

November - 

Issue 121 (4/1990)


We remember our fallen and deceased comrades.   

1. September 1939 - The first fallen soldiers of 1./Pz.Rgt.3 with their company commanders of 1st company, Oberleutnant von Schwertner by Spytkowice (Poland).

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